Why I'm taking on fewer clients in 2020

December, 2019

If I told you I was planning to take on fewer clients in 2020 (I've halved last years target) you'd probably tell me I was crazy and wonder why! For most people this seems like a sure way to destroy your business but I know it's something that will bring big results.

I've noticed, the more clients I take on, the less I enjoy my work. The more websites I say yes to, the more saturated my work life becomes.

For 2020 I've scaled down. I know who my ideal client is and what I can do for them. By taking on a small client base I can ensure I really want to work with each of these clients, I get excited about them and I can ensure I'm fully focussed on them and their needs. The spare time I've created can be spent creating more personalised user guides, perfecting my onboarding process and following up more often to check if I can do anything more to help existing clients.

Curious to see if your website is one I'd take on for 2020? Pop me an email!

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