From bedroom to boardroom: the face behind Disciplined

June, 2018

Daniel Luke has worked with hundreds of clients and helped them achieve their fitness goals whilst growing an online community. He believes that people can manage their fitness goals around their busy lifestyles and that health should be the main focus, not the scales.

Dan Luke

Daniel Luke - founder of Disciplined.

What is 'Disciplined'?

We are a successful online personal training experience that helps people achieve results with their health worldwide. We help people live happier, healthier lifestyles they can sustain without sacrificing the quality of their lives. We show people how to get the results they want, whether that be losing weight, building muscle, getting fitter, without living the life of a full time athlete. More importantly, we show them how to keep these results and make it become a lifestyle.

What inspired the idea for 'Disciplined'?

I saw what good health and fitness did for me and my life so I wanted to do it for others. I believe without discipline, nothing gets done. Now it could be discipline to get yourself out of bed 30 minutes earlier. It could be having the discipline to say no to a another glass of wine or it could be having the discipline you need to compete on a world stage. It means something different to everyone and I love that. But without it, we will not make progress. I just wanted to create something that showed people how good they could really be and give them a better quality of life because it doesn’t just stop at fitness. Life gets better!

What was the scariest part of starting your own business and how did you overcome it?

I’d say actually seeing myself as a business. As a personal trainer I never viewed myself as a business. Ever. I don’t think any trainers do.

Actually opening a company, getting an office was exciting but at the same time I knew this was much more than a laptop and a coffee shop now.

It forced me to grow, to get better, work harder and smarter.

How has having an online presence impacted your business?

I never really see myself as an online presence but it makes me happy when people say that because I'm just me and if that's helping people then that's great.

I've not always had this presence though. I started out like everyone else but I feel now when I post something it's valued. People respect it like it's got worth if that makes sense?! I'm not sure maybe that's just me but I certainly thing me walking the walk and working hard has earned a lot of peoples respect and in return that's seen the business grow.

From your instagram @justdan_luke, you always seem so motivated and positive. How do you maintain this mindset?

I'm not always motivated, some days are hard. It's business sometimes things don't go to plan or the hours get on top of me but I try to always be as positive and motivated as I can because I know a lot of people are looking at me for inspiration. I think understanding this company, the message we have is much bigger than just me, it allows me to keep going no matter how hard things may get. I also think understanding my problems aren't all that big, I'm worried enough people aren't living the quality of life they could be living not about where I'm sleeping or where my next meal is coming from.

What is the best advise you've ever received?

It's a quote that I love and repeat to myself on a daily basis

"Where you are now, is not where you're going to be"

It reminds me when times are hard to keep working because it’s not where I’m going to be.

What lessons have you had to learn to get your business to where it is now?

Theres been a few, but the more I learn there are two things that really stand out.

You can't do it alone. You need people to help.

Failure is necessary. I've failed more times than I've ever succeeded and I'm still failing now but I'm learning from each failure and making sure it's a lesson learned

How do you track business progress?

Being a small business and not actually ever really seeing myself as a business until recently, it wasn't something I ever really did. Until now, and funnily enough it's this part of the business I actually love. Looking at what we did in the month of June and then planning what we can do for the month of July to give more to our followers, our clients and then seeing how much more we can grow. I suppose starting with a laptop on buy now pay later in my mums spare room to having our own office in Spinningfields is progress though

In such a competitive industry, what makes you stand out?

I believe it's because I'm just me. I talk about my struggles as much as I do my wins and people have seen my progress from being a online coach to now having an actual business. I've never trying selling people abs blasts, fat burning workouts or whatever in fashion now. I've stayed loyal to telling people what they actually need and I'm more than happy to turn away business if we're not the right fit.

You've recently got your first office, when did you decide it was time for that?

When I decided to just stop being a personal trainer. Being a trainer is great, I know I can live a comfortable living from it and help a small amount of people but theres something in me that wants to do more and I feel like I'd be doing other trainers and the world a disservice if I didn't do it!

I can only manage a handful of clients, but if I can help more coaches coach the Disciplined way then together we can help much more than I alone ever could.

Even coaches who have their own companies that may not want to be disciplined coaches. At least if I'm coaching them, helping them with their businesses I know people are being coached by somebody who is good and the service they offer makes their clients feel valued and gets results more importantly.

What 1 tip would you give to those thinking of starting a small business?

Theres a few, I'd probably advise getting organised and having a clear plan of action and making sure each day has intention behind it so you know exactly what you need to do and what you want from it. But above all, my best tip I could ever give would be to never quit.
Theres going to be obstacles. Things that don't go to plan or how you want them to. Don't let it stop you. I've learnt to enjoy the process and actually welcome failure, to an extent, because I know it's going to teach me something and allow me, us, the company to grow!

What is next for you and 'Disciplined'?

My plan is to bring more people in so we can grow and scale the company to the point where we have more coaches, more clients in more countries and people are starting to recognise the disciplined brand for exactly that and not because of me. We have plans to do more in the UK and the Middle East next year as well as a few more things I'm having to wait to share haha, sorry!

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