Iconosquare vs. HopperHQ

February, 2018

Having previously used HopperHQ to schedule and post to Instagram, this week I tried out Iconosquare after they went from just scheduling to now posting on your behalf.

HopperHQ did everything I needed it to do, it allowed me to schedule content in advance and posted on my behalf with the first comment of each instagram post (great for hashtags)

Iconosquare then announced it now had the ability to post on your behalf and now I've tried it out, I'm fairly certain I'll be making the switch!

Listed above are the key elements of each and whilst Iconosquare is only available to you if you have a business account, it is much quicker to schedule and publish Instagram posts meaning less time spent on social media and more time with your clients. It also works out cheaper than HopperHQ and is much more user friendly in that it has a calendar view!

Have you tried either? Which do you prefer?