Onboarding Process for new Website Clients

June, 2020

The onboarding process is vital for website design clients, it makes the process run smoothly and most importantly, makes the client feel confident and at ease.

No matter where the client has found me, I keep the onboarding process the same to ensure we're both on the same page the whole time. This process is outlined below.

Initial Conversation

First it's important to find out exactly what the client wants. This could be a new site, a rebuild of an existing one or just some tweaks so this is discussed in the initial consultation.


A qustionnaire follows on from the initial conversation to cement your needs and check we're right for each other. The questionnaire asks exactly what you want, gets an idea of the style you're going for and ensures I understand your brand and the way you want it to be reflected.


If necessary, a phone call will be used to iron out any uncertanties. This is scheduled in and gives the client a chance to build more of a personal relationship ready to start working together.

Full Quote

With the full picture in hand I can now send you a quote detailing the work that will be carried out and how long it will take as well as a proposed start date (this will all be to suit your needs as discussed in the previous stages).


If you're happy with the quote, a 50% deposit is required to secure your spot.


I'll let you know what I need from you in terms of text, images etc and then give you as much time as you need to get it together.

Work begins...

With the content in hand, the work now begins.


I make sure the client is kept in the loop every step of the way with email updates. The updates include what's been worked on, what I'm tackling next and is the ideal time for feedback so we can ensure the final product is one you're 100% happy with.

If you'd like to know more about the onboarding process or have any questions about website development, please get in touch!

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