What is a social media plan?

December, 2017

A social media plan is an outline of your goals relating to social media. This should include your current position in social media, your goals for where you want to be with social media and an outline of how you are going to get there.

Your plan should be realistic and split into manageable chunks to ensure that you can follow it easily and make progress.

Step 1: Current position

Start by writing down which social media accounts you have (Facebook, Instagram etc.) and for each account note how many followers you have, your highest achieving post (in terms of interaction, impressions, reach, likes etc.) and number of sales gained from each type of social media if applicable.

Step 2: Goals

Think about where you want to be with social media. Why did you decide to use it in the first place? More sales? Interaction with customers? Brand awareness?

With these in mind, list what you can do to grow your social media. This could be posting more consistently or conversing more with your followers. Make these goals small and achievable like replying to at least 10 comments a day even if it's just to say a simple thank you.

Step 3: Create a plan

The outcome of these exercises should be a solid social media strategy that you can stick to. This should include:

  1. Target Audience (once you know this, you can start interacting)
  2. How often you will post (you may need to experiment with this - 3 posts a day on Instagram will get you noticed but is it manageable for your business?)
  3. Who is creating your content?
  4. Will you pay for any ad campaigns or keep your social media growth completely organic?
  5. Example posts - look at your competitors social media. Take inspiration from their posts and find gaps in the market to make your content original
  6. Create a calendar and stick to it. This means working out in advance when you will post, what days and times (dependent on your analytics) are best for you?

Step 4: Test

If after the first month you realise you aren't working towards your goals, revisit your social media plan and try new things. Look at your hashtag list and check its relevant, take a look at the content you're posting - would you press 'like' if it was someone else's?