Changing Template in Squarespace

September, 2019

Change the Preview

If you wanted to redesign your site, changing template is an option. Squarespace have so many templates to offer that it’s easy to find one that suits your style. Switching templates allows you to change the design, without completely starting over.

When switching templates, you can preview how the new template will look before making it live to your users. If, after you switch template, you decide you liked the old one better, you can switch back at any time and you'll see your site as you left it.

Most of your site content will transfer from your old template to your new one, but some elements are template specific so you should review template features before making the switch to ensure you know what to expect.

To install a new template, click 'design' in the main navigation panel and then click ‘template'. Click 'install new template’ and have a look through all of the available templates to find one you like. When you've found one, click 'start with…'. In the 'template' section of your navigation, you can preview the new installed template by hovering over it and clicking ‘preview'. The new template will load with demo content in it – these pages are not visible to your users. All of your content is in the 'not linked' section of the navigation, which you can move to the main navigation, when you're ready.

In preview mode, you can move pages around and design the new template before going live. To go live, click 'set as live template' at the bottom of the page.

Cancel the preview

To cancel the new template you're trying out, go back to your live template and click 'cancel preview' at the bottom. Any changes you've made at this time, will save so that if you decide to go back to this template, these changes will be waiting for you.

If you want to delete the changes you've made, just uninstall the template. To do this, go to the templates tab, hover over the template you'd like to delete and click 'confirm'.

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