5 best tools to help your business succeed

May, 2018

Since starting my own business I've become reliant on some fantastic programs that have all helped grow my business. From task planners to photo editors and everything in between, I've listed my 5 favourites below!

  1. Photoshop - no list would be complete without it. I use photoshop on a daily basis for clients social media content, even just to bring up the brightness a bit. It's ease of use and array of tools makes it so worth the money!
  2. Pexels - with a library currently over 40,000 large, Pexels is my go to for stock images. There are photos that can be used for free for any personal and commercial purpose!
  3. Justinmind - whether you're a web designer or a small business owner, Justinmind is a fantastic prototyping tool that lets you drag and drop components into position to see what it would look like in website form. Super simple to use and free to download!
  4. WeTransfer - this has become my go-to for sending any files. It's free, fast and effective. It's so great in fact that every year, users in 195 countries send one billion files through the platform!
  5. Trello - an online platform that allows you to move tasks to set boards such as 'to do', 'in progress' and 'complete'. My favourite thing about Trello is that you can add in other users to your boards and allocate them tasks so that each team member knows what they are doing and can let the team know when they have finished!