Weglot - Squarespace Translation

January, 2020

An Overview

Need your site translated? Weglot works seamlessley to translate your site and is free if your site has less than 2000 words.

Disclosure: Weglot contacted me in December 2019 and asked if I would write a training guide about their product. I was able to test it for free but all opinions given are my own.

Weglot works with a number of content management systems (Squarepace, Wordpress, Shopify and Wix to name a few) and is easy to integrate. As a Squarespace Authorised Trainer I wanted to see how Weglot worked with Squarespace and was excited to hear that Squarespace themselves use Weglot to translate their sites!

To start your free trial of Weglot, click here. To test Weglot, I used the code provided and popped it straight into the backend of my Squarespace site (settings>advanced>code injection) but for long term translations you should provide Weglot with your URL as this will ensure both versions of your site are optimised for SEO. For a guide on how to do this, click here.

Your translations will be live in just a few minutes! You'll notice at the bottom right of your site there is a button which says your defaut language, when clicked on you will see the available translated languages that you have chosen.


The pricing of Weglot depends on a number of factors such as how many words, languages and sites you have. Below is the pricing table from their website.

My Review

Weglot was so much simpler than I expected it to be! The translation was live in under a minute and works seamlessly every time. I love the fact you can get professional translations from within your dashboard and see important data such as how many words have been translated in your site.

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