What are wireframes and how can they help my website?

February, 2020

Wireframing should be done before the design process of your website and again when you're ready for a redesign.

Wireframes are simple layouts that show the structure of each page, the elements, features and navigation. They don't contain colour, logos or font, just the most important structural aspects.

From a developers point of view, wireframes are so helpful in the initial website process. They're a fast way of ensuring everyone's on the same page before hours (& thousands) are spent on designs.

With wireframing you're more than likely to spot mistakes before you make them. This exercise forces you to really think about where elements should go in your site, reduces too much repetition & ensures your content is displayed in the best possible way for your clients.

How to Wireframe

Before jumping into software such as Microsoft's Viso, hand draw your wireframes because I can guarantee they won't be right the first time. The drawing's don't need to be perfect, just rough sketches at this stage to get the most important parts down as a visual. Go through each page of your site and have a new wireframe for each one as these are much easier to ammend than elaborate designs. It's worth taking your time to make sure these are structurally right before moving on to the next stage of your website journey.

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