Yearly Round Up


As the tax year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the year I've had.

When I graduated university, I would never have thought I'd be here today, as a business owner myself, creating websites on a daily basis and honestly loving what I do to the point where my weeks merge into my weekends subconsciously because the end results are too exciting to put off.

If embarking on this journey has taught me anything, it's that the big leaps are often the scariest but also the most rewarding. As cliche as this all sounds, going it alone is scary stuff as there are no security blankets. You have to say goodbye to that guaranteed monthly wage, you have to quickly learn that there aren't others in the office to help you when you're frantically searching pages of code for that missing comma and you have to learn that you will regularly have 'what if' thoughts that make you terrified of the future.

This being said, working for yourself has massive perks and working with my clients is definitely up there at the top. I've been given insights into such a vast array of areas and found inspiration from businesses I never knew existed. I've had the honour of bringing some of these businesses online which in itself is such an exciting prospect.

Although each site is as unique as its owner, the moral behind each one will always be same. These sites are created with small businesses at the heart of them to help them flourish in the online world.

Thank you to all of my clients from this past year. Here's to the new tax year and all the new clients and inspiration this year brings.